Jane Leach

Owner at iarchitect

Gina Mendoza

Movement Technique Exercise Physiologist

Paula James

Movement Specialist




I’m really grateful I joined the SLC, I do not have the first idea about all of the aspects covered in the learning pathway. Seriously this has prevented me from doing my business the ultimate disservice by going in super deep on the technical side! Particularly so as my professional life started as a rock guitarist! A world away!

Alastair Roshan Ballentyne

Holistic Life Coach 


Things have really increased since the first mastermind session. You gave me such specific feedback and I started making changes to my messaging and within a week I started getting messages from people who wanted to work with me. New 1:1 clients and mastermind clients. So it’s really sweet. And what made the difference was focusing on emotional messaging. Staying consistent with that message must have opened Pandora’s box. 

Brian Zensho King

Coach helping people with ADHD


 I loved having the email sequence templates, as it is usually difficult for me to get to writing and when I do finally sit down, it takes me ages to produce anything (historically).


Having these amazing templates to follow makes things so much simpler. I don’t have to overthink the structure and just have to follow the formula laid out for me. Nothing can be better than a formula for a “numbers” person, such as myself.


Those templates are sooooo good. I used them again last night.

The best part is the brainstorming sesh in the beginning. Then you have a bank of ideas to pull from while writing copy.

You are amazing Stasja. You're so sweet and gentle, that until I saw you in action, I hadn't realised what a laser-sharp brilliance you have for what you do. You explain things like a true expert, and by that I mean, you explain things so that it's very easy to understand, and therefore learn quickly from you. Your group is an absolute goldmine because let's face it, email marketing is a necessary priority for any successful business. I'm so happy to be in your Collective! 🥰

Gina Mendoza

Movement Technique Exercise Physiologist

It's been only a matter of weeks since I joined the collective and its helped me so much already! There are lots of useful resources and so far they've helped me write and set up a full automated launch email sequence, that has gone out over one week to my list. Since then Stasja has helped me understand the mysteries of activcampaign analytics during our mastermind calls and taught me how I can improve my open and click through rates with that specific sequence. I'm excited that with some simple tweaks this sequence will be much improved and I'm sure will be much more effective next time.

Jane Leach

Chartered Architect


I have been doing email marketing for a while now myself, now, being part of Collective have made a huge difference, not only I am being more consistent with my email marketing, I am also getting more sales and engagement. It’s never been easier. Especially love email headlines! Stasja is the best. If you are thinking- you can manage it all yourself- think again. 🤭✨ this is wonderful community & a lot of great resources that will not only give results, but also save your time, which was huge YES for me!


Yuliya Konstantini

Travel and lifestyle coach 

Guna Meldere

Brand Stylist & Pinterest Strategist

The resources I have checked out so far have been super helpful. Life is a little crazy right now and I have not been able to take full advantage of this awesome group.

Deborah McCusker

Movement Practitioner

I’m loving being in your membership, Stasja. It feels nice to know I can get such great help as soon as I need it.


Making so much more progress so much faster.  It’s lovely and laid back and lots of expertise from all different people and niches. Plus I’m finally gonna do a bit of outsourcing which I’ve always been scared to do.


Like a one stop shop, with everything you could possibly need in one place. Love love love it 😍 p.s ~ your emails are fabulous, the best! ❤️

Viki Vallance-Clark

Happiness Coach

  • A growing email template library to save you time and maximize your sales

  • Access to someone who has the knowledge and experience of crafting high-converting email funnels and effortless high-sales launches


  • Day-to-day support channel, so you’re never stuck and on your own

  • Implementation days where we work together on a specific task, like for example building funnels or writing sales pages 

  • Accountability through weekly check-ins

  • Weekly mastermind meetings where you get specific advice and tasks to reach your goal

  • A booming content vault with everything you need to create a profitable and sustainable business

Once you understand the principles and strategies, getting consistent high volume sales is easy! Just look at all the results my clients are getting. 


Access to every single resource you’ll ever need to scale your business.

These are just some of the resources you'll get you hands on: 

  • Email Sales Blueprint (value $297) 

  • Evergreen funnel training + workbook (value $97) 

  • How to write headlines that get at least a 20% open rate

  • Sold-out launches content strategy by Des Dobreva with over 90 content examples 

  • The Winning Welcome Sequence template, for an effortless welcome email sequence that converts (valued at $97)

  • Annual Email Planner – so you can plan out your entire year and not miss any sales opportunities 

  • Tech tutorials


Extra bonus if you commit to join SLC for a year!

Guest Expert Trainings

Included in the Successful Launch Collective

Desislava Dobreva

People tend to call her The Branding Queen™ because she helped entrepreneurs become the leading expert in their industry using disruptive branding and marketing tactics.With Successful Launch Collective, you get access to the Membership Site Revolution


A 2.5-hour masterclass that walks you through every single aspect of creating and launching a membership site for your business.

Guna Meldere

Guna is an Intuitive Business Strategist and Brand Stylist. Founder of Brand Creators.

Her magic combines strategy with energy while using branding and human design. With Successful Launch Collective get access to Guna's Powerful Pinning Masterclass.